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Auctions of Virginity

The main reason Virginity Auctions was developed is for gentlemen who want to meet beautiful, amazing, talented, young virgin girls. To spend an unforgettable night with them and possibly establish a long time relationship for many years to come. As some girls are only looking for a one-night experience, others are interested in a long time relationship or possibly even marriage.
We list our virgin girls from all over the world. Wealthy, interested gentleman who are ready to pay a substantial amount of money, apply for participation in the auction where they place their bid. The highest bidder will be the winner. The winner will travel to the girls town and country where meeting will take place. The place of these arrangements will only be revealed to the winning bidders.
The winner will be accompanied by one of the Elite-VIP-companions agent and personal protection. The winner must comply and agree to all terms and conditions of the meeting which will be explained to him-her. Confidentiality and outcome are the most essential factors to us.

The Girls Sell Virginity Online

Our agency has a huge practical experience in delivering VIP solutions to wealthy man. We arrange the meeting based on buyers needs, from travel booking to hotel, luxury car or even yacht or private jet. You let us know what your needs are and we’ll make sure that you’ll be satisfied.
We have connections with with vip travel agencies, car, yacht, helicopter rentals as well as 5 star hotels where you will be treated like a king.
It’s doesn’t matter whether you want to buy or sell virginity, for you we provide a 100% guarantee of a legal and confidential deal. Your personal information will not be reveled to anyone as we seek your trust and long time relationship.
All our virgin girls are medically tested by a doctor. Every virgin has a personal profile with individual details and facts, photos and videos. You will be able me meet the virgin girl prior to the scheduled night. To get an access and to become a VIP member, please, fill out the application form.
If you are ready to buy virginity and go on a date quickly, please, fill in an application form. Our manager will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.


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We ensure your satisfaction and always looking for a long time relationship.